Does Beer Clean Jewelry?

beer cleaning jewelry

What is the best way to clean jewelry? Does beer clean jewelry? Yes, you can use beer to clean your jewelry, and you can get the best cleaning benefits when done correctly. If you have gold plated or gold jewelry without gemstones, you can use beer to clean it. However, it is better to go with light gold brew since dark ones can leave stains on your jewelry during cleaning. Many find beer the best for jewelry cleaning since it contains alpha acids, and these acids can polish off grime and dirt from gold jewelry. Light beer is preferred since it will have fewer hops, and you can get the correct level of acidity for cleaning. You can put some beer on a washcloth and rub the soaked cloth on your jewelry. This method will refresh and clean your jewelry, and you will love the outcome.

When you have rubies and diamonds, you can use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. But alcohol might damage opals and pearls since the shiny organic coating of these gems will corrode. Corrosion will impact the look of your jewelry, and you might not find it reusable. If your jewelry has such gems, including pearls and opals, you can use a mild soap solution for cleaning.

Can Beer Clean Silver Jewelry?

You can use beer to clean oxidized jewelry that might be silver. You can take beer in a glass or bowl and keep your silver jewelry inside. Allow it to sit overnight, and you will appreciate the refreshed look when you remove the jewelry from the beer. Some use alcohol to clean sterling silver since it can remove smudges, spots, and tarnish from your silver jewelry. But it can be perfect for disinfecting your jewelry.

Can Beer Clean Rings?

Yes, you can use beer to clean rings, and you will find the cleaning easy, effective, and less time-consuming. Take a soft cloth, soak it in beer, and use the soaked cloth to rub your rings. Your ring will regain its original look and luster. You will have to keep any dark beer away if you have a diamond ring. Dark beer might damage the diamond and impact its appearance. Hence, you will have to go with lighter options. After cleaning your gold ring, you can use a dry and clean cloth to wipe it.

Is Beer Safe for All Types of Jewelry?

You cannot use beer for all your jewelry since the ingredients can damage some materials. Moreover, there are different beer concentrations, and when some can be the best cleaning agents, others can damage your jewelry. Hence, you will have to know which beer is safe for your jewelry, and also, you will have to understand that beer can damage some materials regardless of the type.

For example, if you have jewelry from genuine precious metal, including gold or silver, you can clean it with alcohol. Alcohol will not damage these metals even if the quality varies. Hence, you can safely use alcohol for precious metals. You can also use alcohol to clean sterling silver when the jewelry uses real precious metal. Other materials that you can clean safely with alcohol are silver-plated titanium, tungsten, and platinum. These materials are solid and stable and will not disintegrate and discolor by alcohol. But you will have to ensure that the plating is genuine, and then you can start cleaning.

 When Should You Avoid Beer while Cleaning Jewelry?

Beer might not be a safe cleaning agent for some jewelry materials. We can take the example of plastic, copper, or acrylic materials. In brief, you cannot use beer to clean jewelry made from inferior materials. If you use beer to clean these materials, you might experience many issues. Beer can cause cracking, corrosion, and fading on your jewelry, and you cannot reuse them. Therefore, you will have to know the material of your jewelry before using any beer for cleaning.

Can You Use Beer for Discolored Gold Jewelry?

You can use beer for your discolored gold jewelry and restore the original look and luster. If you feel that your jewelry has lost its charm and color, you can use beer to regain the look. It can be the best to clean grimy gold jewelry. Beer can revive the look and feel of jewelry, and all you need is a clean cloth and beer.

Why Should You Use Beer for Discolored & Dirty Gold Jewelry?

Beer contains hops, and hops have alpha acids, and these acids can offer the best cleaning benefits when it comes to precious metals. But you will have to consider lighter options since they will have fewer alpha acids and will not damage your jewelry. Also, some jewelry, including silver, reacts to environmental elements like water, air, and dust. Oxygen can make your jewelry dark and water will cause corrosion, and all these substances cause oxidation.

Pure gold does not oxidize, but jewelers do not use pure gold since it will make jewelry fragile. However, you can use beer for most of your jewelry pieces.

Additionally, you will find the solution achievable and easy to follow. You might have all the ingredients at your home. Pour beer into a glass and put your jewelry. Wait for overnight or ten minutes based on the condition of the jewelry. Take out the jewelry from the beer and use a clean cloth to dry it up. You will find the new look again without visiting your jeweler.

What Should You Avoid While Cleaning Your Jewelry?

You can use beer to clean most of your jewelry pieces, but you will have to know what to do and when to avoid it. You should avoid using boiling water to clean any jewelry. If your jewelry has gems, you cannot use brushes since they might damage the delicacy of precious gems. Also, you will have to avoid using bleach to clean your jewelry.

Final Thoughts

Beer can be the best cleaning solution for most of your gold and silver jewelry. However, you will have to take extra caution when your jewelry has gems. Know the cleaning requirements and check the material of your jewelry before going ahead.


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Dan has been homebrewing beer for 8 years and holds a level 2 certifiication as a Cicerone.

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