How to Get Rid of Beer Smell in the Car

cleaning beer smell out of car

If you have spilled beer in your car, it will not just smell bad, it will also be illegal and dangerous to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Even if you are not drinking while driving, the smell will linger, and you might get pulled over on the road for a police check.

If you are looking for the right ways to get rid of the rancid smell of beer from your car, you will get some useful methods to wipe the odor away. But the first thing you have to keep in mind is that drinking and driving are illegal, and it can cause an accident, also it’s not good for health. So, you have to quit drinking while driving or in any situation when you are drunk and you will have to drive the car.

For cleaning the beer smell and stains from your car, you can simply use a mix of water and detergent. As beer is water-soluble, the stain will go away easily. After you have cleaned the stain, switch on the fan to clean the smell and dry out the washed area. To know more about cleaning and getting rid of the beer smell from your car interior, you have to go through this article.

Remove beer smell in the car

How to Get Rid of Beer Smell in the Car? Pour two cups of warm water into a bowl and mix it with dishwasher soap or detergent. You can add vinegar in the solution, which removes grease. Apply the liquid to the area the beer has been spilled and rub it on the place gently. If the solution doesn’t work, you can try the mix on a small section of the carpet and dab it with a cloth.

Cleaning the beer smell from cloth seats

If you have spilled the alcohol on the cloth seats of your car, you have to make a solution of vinegar and detergent with water. Dab white paper towels with the mix and dab them on the cloth seats. Soak up as much as the solution in the towel, and dab on it gently to remove the stain and the odor.

You can also make an advanced solution using rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and detergent. Let’s follow the instructions:

  • Take two cups of water and mix one tablespoon of liquid handwash or detergent and vinegar. Take a sponge and soak it with the mix.
  • Next, apply the solution mixed sponge over the stain.
  • Keep soaking the sponge in the solution and dabbing it over the cloth seat until the stain completely goes away.
  • After cleaning the stain, clean the sponge and soak it in cold water to dab the place and leave it to dry.

However, the detergent will not completely remove the smell of beer from the car interior. For this, you can invest in a small steamer. It will keep the odor away and you will get clean seats.

How to clean leather seats?

Leather is easy to clean than cloth materials. Leather is less porous, so you can easily use warm water to clean the seats. You can use a mix of water and vinegar to clean the leather seats. To remove the smell of alcohol from the seats you have to follow the below steps:

  • Make the water and soda solution and soak a sponge to apply to the stain.
  • Next, wipe the area with warm water soaked clean cloth
  • It will remove the smell from the seat.
  • You have to repeat the steps until the odor is gone.
  • Let it dry for twenty minutes and dry-wipe the seat.
  • If the smell persists, mix the same parts of water and vinegar and wipe the stained area again. Rinse it with cool water using a sponge.

How to clean floor mats and carpets?

Does beer smell go away from the carpets and floor mats? Yes, it does. You have to make a solution of two cups of warm water, detergent, and vinegar. Next, soak a sponge in the solution and dab over the beer spilled areas on the floor mat or the carpet. You have o keep dabbing on the area until the stain and smell go away. After you have cleaned it, rinse with a cold water-soaked sponge.

Clean cup holders, consoles, and other places

The consoles and cup holders of a car do not hold the smell of beer for a long time. So you can clean these areas easily. However, if there are sticky stains of alcohol on the cup holders, you will have a hard time wiping that off.

So, it’s recommended to clean up the freshly spilled beer as soon as possible. To clean it you have to use warm water and detergent mix. Soak a sponge in the solution and rub over the beer spilled areas. Once you have cleaned it, rinse with normal water and dry it with a clean cloth.

How to reduce the smell of beer from your mouth?

What gets rid of the smell of beer? Peanut butter is a solution for canceling out beer smell. This thing has a strong, thick smell that will cover your mouth and throat for some time.

How to get rid of the stale beer smell from your hands?

After you have spilled the beer on your hands, you can clean it with a mix of warm water with vinegar and liquid dish soap. You can also use plain water with vinegar and soap to clean the smell.

How long the smell of beer lasts on the car seats?

If the smell still lingers inside the car, make a mix of warm water with baking soda and apply the solution over the stained area. Leave it for an entire day. Once the baking soda evaporates, remove the sponge and wipe the place with a clean cloth.

How to get a fresh-smelling car?

You can get a fresh-smelling car by following some rules:

  • Avoid smoking or drinking inside the car
  • Keep the interior trash free
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Clean the floor mats once a week
  • Keep and use an air freshener in the car
  • Use spill-proof cups to prevent liquid spilling incidents.


Keep your car clean and fresh-smelling. Get rid of the trash, and avoid drinking or smoking inside the vehicle. But if you end up spilling beer on the seat, or any other place in the car, make sure to use the above-mentioned method to get rid of the smell and stains.


Dan Specht

Dan has been homebrewing beer for 8 years and holds a level 2 certifiication as a Cicerone.

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