What is a Triple IPA? Exploring the Strongest Beer Style

Triple IPA

A Triple IPA is a high-gravity, hoppy beer that is brewed with a significant amount of malt and hops. Triple IPAs are known for their intense hop flavor and aroma, as well as their high alcohol content.

Triple IPAs are typically brewed using a large amount of hops, which gives them their characteristic bitterness and aroma. They also tend to have a high alcohol content, with most Triple IPAs falling between 10% and 12% ABV. This high alcohol content is balanced by the maltiness of the beer, which helps to round out the flavor and provide a smooth finish.

While Triple IPAs are not as common as their lower-gravity counterparts, they have become increasingly popular among craft beer enthusiasts in recent years. They are often brewed as limited edition or seasonal beers, and are highly sought after by beer connoisseurs. If you are a fan of hoppy, high-gravity beers, then a Triple IPA is definitely worth trying.

What Makes a Triple IPA Different?

A Triple IPA, also known as a Triple India Pale Ale or TIPA, is a beer style that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a high-gravity, high-alcohol beer that is brewed with a large amount of hops. The style is known for its intense hop flavor and aroma, as well as its high alcohol content.

So, what makes a Triple IPA different from a regular IPA or even a Double IPA? The answer lies in the amount of hops and alcohol used in the brewing process.

A Triple IPA typically has a higher alcohol content than a regular IPA or Double IPA. It can range from 10% to 12% ABV, with some examples even reaching 15%. This high alcohol content is achieved by using a large amount of malt, which results in a higher gravity beer.

Another key difference is the amount of hops used. Triple IPAs are brewed with a massive amount of hops, which gives them their intense hop flavor and aroma. The hops are added at different stages of the brewing process, including during the boil, in the fermenter, and even after fermentation is complete. This results in a beer that is incredibly hoppy and bitter, with a strong aroma that is often described as fruity, floral, or piney.

Overall, a Triple IPA is a beer that is not for the faint of heart. It is a bold and intense beer that is meant to be sipped and savored. If you are a fan of hoppy beers and are looking for something with a little extra kick, then a Triple IPA might be just what you are looking for.

Section 3: Triple IPA Characteristics

Alcohol Content

Triple IPA is known for its high alcohol content, typically ranging from 9% to 12% ABV (alcohol by volume). This is significantly higher than a regular IPA, which usually has an ABV of around 6% to 7%. The high alcohol content of Triple IPA is achieved through the use of a large amount of malt, which provides the necessary sugars for fermentation.


Hops are the key ingredient in any IPA, and Triple IPA is no exception. However, what sets Triple IPA apart is the sheer amount of hops used in the brewing process. Triple IPA typically has three times the amount of hops as a regular IPA, hence the name. This results in a beer that is incredibly hoppy, with a strong bitterness that is balanced by the high alcohol content.

Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of Triple IPA is complex and intense. The high alcohol content and abundance of hops give Triple IPA a strong, bitter flavor that is balanced by a sweet maltiness. The hops used in Triple IPA often have a citrusy or piney flavor, which adds to the complexity of the beer. Triple IPA also has a strong aroma, with notes of hops and malt.

In summary, Triple IPA is a beer that is known for its high alcohol content, abundance of hops, and complex flavor profile. It is a beer that is not for the faint of heart, but for those who enjoy a strong, intense beer that is full of flavor.

History of Triple IPA

The origins of the Triple IPA can be traced back to the West Coast of the United States in the early 2000s. This region is known for its hop-forward beers, and it was only a matter of time before brewers began experimenting with even more hops, resulting in the creation of the Double IPA and eventually the Triple IPA.

The Triple IPA is a beer that is brewed with a high amount of hops, resulting in a strong, bitter flavor and a high alcohol content. The exact definition of a Triple IPA varies from brewery to brewery, but it generally has an ABV of 10% or higher and an IBU (International Bitterness Units) of 100 or more.

One of the earliest examples of a Triple IPA is believed to be Russian River Brewing Company’s Pliny the Younger, which was first brewed in 2005. This beer is released annually in limited quantities and has become a highly sought-after beer among beer enthusiasts.

Since then, many other breweries have begun brewing their own versions of the Triple IPA, often using a variety of hops to create unique flavor profiles. Despite its popularity, the Triple IPA remains a relatively niche beer style, with only a handful of breweries producing it on a regular basis.

Triple IPA vs. Double IPA

Triple IPAs are often compared to their slightly less potent counterparts, Double IPAs. While both styles share many similarities, there are some key differences that set them apart.

One of the most obvious differences between Triple and Double IPAs is their alcohol content. Triple IPAs typically have an ABV of 10% or higher, while Double IPAs usually range from 7-8.5%. This higher alcohol content can make Triple IPAs more challenging to drink, as they can be quite boozy and overwhelming.

Another difference between the two styles is their hop profile. Triple IPAs tend to have a more intense hop character than Double IPAs, with flavors and aromas ranging from resinous pine to tropical fruit. This is due in part to the fact that Triple IPAs use more hops overall, as well as a higher percentage of late addition and dry hops.

Finally, Triple IPAs often have a more complex malt bill than Double IPAs. This is because the extra malt helps to balance out the intense hop character and high alcohol content. Triple IPAs may also be aged in barrels, which can add additional layers of flavor and complexity.

Triple IPA Double IPA
ABV of 10% or higher ABV typically ranges from 7-8.5%
More intense hop character Less intense hop character
Uses more hops overall Uses fewer hops overall
More complex malt bill Simpler malt bill

Overall, Triple IPAs are a bold and challenging beer style that is not for the faint of heart. While they share many similarities with Double IPAs, their higher alcohol content, intense hop character, and complex malt bill set them apart as a unique and distinct beer style.

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