Why Do Some People Put Egg in Beer?

egg in beer

Eggs are an excellent source of vitamins, protein, and minerals. People use eggs in the most unusual ways. Many of us eat them raw, add them to milk, fry them with bread, and eat egg white only. Some may put the eggs in the beer also. It may seem unusual for you but it is common for many people across the globe. We will discuss different aspects of the combination of eggs and beer.

Why do some people put egg in beer?

There are many reasons for putting eggs in the beer. Most people do it because of traditional values. Some also do it to add nutrition to the drink. People may give you hundreds of reasons when you ask them about the egg in the beer. We will discuss the most common reasons in this article.

Making cocktails

Many cocktails use beer and eggs. Your bartender may have some special ingredients to thicken the beer. Eggs are one of these ingredients. Y0u may not notice it as cocktail makers keep egg white to add in beer. It is common to add eggs when you request a cocktail with alcohol that does not give you a hangover.

Add Protein

Beer lovers add eggs to their drinks when they want to build muscles. Raw egg is full of protein and nutrients to increase muscle mass. It is hard to take the raw egg for some bodybuilders. They add it to the beer to make it more palatable. They will enjoy their beer while getting the benefits of the raw eggs. Some bodybuilders claim that adding the raw egg to a beer gives more benefits because the egg protein will absorb quickly in the body.

Impress People

People challenge each other to do different things. Drinking raw eggs is one of the common challenges. It is more interesting when beer lovers challenge each other to drink the eggs in the beer. It can be hard for some people who have never done it. Some are drinking the eggs in the beer for a long time. You can do it to impress everybody around you. It is like doing a backflip for some people.


Many traditional drinks have eggs. Irish flip is the most common example of the traditional drink with beer and eggs. It is a thick drink with many nutritional values. Many countries used raw eggs with beer to gain energy for the winter. It was also common to drink it when they wanted to save themselves from the cold. It became a part of the tradition to add an egg before drinking the wine.

Cure for Hangover

A hangover is a result of dehydration and the toxins from the alcohol-containing products. You may do anything to get rid of the hangover at that time. It is better that you add an egg to your beer to prevent a hangover. It gives many benefits as the egg will prevent the production of toxins in the body. You will get a lighter and more manageable hangover with this drink.

To Fill Body Nutrients

Some people have nutrient deficiency due to the consumption of beer. Beer can produce toxins in the body that can lead to nutrient deficiency. People with deficiencies add a raw egg to the beer. It will add more nutrients to the beer and prevent the production of toxins. When you combine both beneficial effects, it is an excellent way to drink beer without losing nutrients from the body.

Suggestions from Your Friends

There are many remedies to solve small health-related problems. Doctors in the past suggested adding eggs to the beer to get rid of laziness and other problems. People could not avoid the beer as it was part of the traditional drinks. They added eggs at the suggestion of their doctor to stop getting cold. It was also advised by the doctors because of its immunity enhancement properties. If your friend or a doctor gives you a suggestion to drink beer with raw eggs, you should follow it.

Is it safe to put raw egg in beer?

It is safe to put a raw egg in the beer if know the egg source and have good immunity. If you do not know about the egg source as the egg could have been old. It might be kept at a higher temperature which can lead to salmonella contamination. If you do not have good immunity, you should not drink raw eggs in the beer. Beer and raw eggs can have different types of bacteria.

You can know you have a weak immunity if you cannot eat many things that make you sick. Some people have low immunity as they cannot eat anything from a local food seller because of their health issues. These people should avoid anything raw. Raw eggs are one of the things they should avoid. There are no toxic chemical reactions between the raw eggs and the beer. There is no need to worry about it as people have been drinking it for hundreds of years.

What does beer do to a raw egg?

When you add a raw egg to the beer, it will act on the egg proteins. Egg proteins have a 3D structure with many complexities. When you add it into the beer, the alcohol in the beer will act on it to break some bonds in the structure and denature it. The egg will change color when you add it to the beer. Eggs are translucent when they have intact proteins.

As you heat them or add them to beer, the egg will become white. The egg has many nutritional components also. Alcohol can dissolve most of these components and become rich in nutrients. You can absorb the egg nutrients faster when you add them to beer because the beer will give them to your body in the dissolved form.

The distinction between the egg white and the yolk will also end as the dissolving process will break the yolk membrane making it a homogenous mixture.

Dan Specht

Dan has been homebrewing beer for 8 years and holds a level 2 certifiication as a Cicerone.

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